Sinorix 227 by Siemens

Fire Fighter proudly distributes the Sinorix 227 fire extinguishing system in Malaysia. The SinorixTM 227 extinguishing solution is based on a chemical agent with excellent extinguishing properties.


Features of Sinorix 227

Reliable and efficient

Sinorix 227 is a reliable solution based on HFC 227ea, a efficient and space-saving extinguishing agent known around the world. Sinorix 227 provides optimum protection in case of fire.

Extinguishing with many benefits

The extinguishing agent is very effective and works at low extinguishing concentrations.The extinguishing agent is chemically inert and has low electric conductivity. Extinguishes without leaving any residue and without risk of corrosion.

Fast and effective

The extinguishing agent is released especially quickly in the protected area, thanks to the high-pressure technology. It vaporizes quickly and completely, further accelerating extinguishing.

High flexibility in use, with high-pressure technology

On the basis of the 42-bar technology, very large and complex piping networks can be realized with a centrally positioned cylinder battery. Moreover, with the respective cylinder batteries and sector valves, single-sector as well as multi-sector systems can be flexibly designed.

HFC 227ea – extinguishing with no side effects

HFC 227ea extinguishing agent is highly effective at low extinguishing concentrations, helping protect assets and people. It is chemically inert, has low electrical conductivity, and is therefore safe for electric and electronic equipment.

Outstanding extinguishing properties and benefits

HFC 227ea is ideal for fire classes A (solids) and B (flammable liquids). It vaporizes quickly and completely during flooding of the protected area. It does not leave any residue and negative impact on the equipment. It also reduces the risk of expensive shut-down costs due to interruption of processes.

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