Fire Fighter® is the only Malaysian company ISO Certified in both manufacturing, installation, servicing as well as maintenance of fire protection systems. 

In Malaysia, fire extinguishers used in commercial spaces( i.e. offices, restaurants, factories etc.) are required to be serviced and inspected by a certified Fire Protection service company at least annually. This is to ensure that the extinguishers are working all the time, everytime - especially when you need it most. 

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What we check during the servicing of fire extinguishers

Basic Service

1. Examine the extinguisher body externally for corrosion or damage that could impair the safe function of the extinguisher, in particular scrutinizing the plastic head cap (if fitted) for signs of UV degradation.

2. Remove the discharge hose and check that it is free from obstruction, cracks and damage. Pass air through the discharge hose checking for blockages.

3. Unscrew the head cap and open the extinguisher slowly and carefully.

4. Empty any powder remaining in the extinguisher body.

5. Remove the siphon tube from the head cap checking that it is free from obstruction and damage.

6. Inspect the internal bores of the head cap and spindle for corrosion and powder residue – thoroughly clean all surface. Replace a new O ring and reassembly with the spring and siphon tube into the head cap.

7. Fill the extinguisher with the correct volume of powder (based on the type of extinguisher). 

8. Refit the head cap and tighten down firmly checking for alignment with operating labels and the hose holder.

9. Refit the safety pin/clip to the head cap and seal with a tamper indicator.

10. Place the extinguisher under water to check for any leakage2.

11. Send to Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia for inspection and issuance for Bomba’ Certificate.

12. Barcode printed sticker to be issued from JBPM.


Extended service

1. Same steps as above + refilling of MAP 40 ABC Powder 

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