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Manufacturing and Supply
We manufacture and supply fire extinguishing products and systems that cater to your specific needs right here from our local plant. To ensure top notch quality and client satisfaction, we apply strict quality control measures.

For a list of fire extinguisher technical specifications, click here

Annual servicing of fire extinguishers
To ensure that your fire extinguishers are up to full function, we recommend servicing them once a year.

What we check during the servicing of fire extinguishers

1. Tamper seal
We ensure the tamper seal is functional as it securely holds the pin in place and doesn't cause unwanted powder discharge.

2. Gauge
We ensure the needle isn't damaged due to moisture, otherwise the needle might stick. If it does, it may mean that the fire extinguisher could have lost pressure completely but the gauge would still show the needle in the green indicating that it is fully pressurized.

3. Fire extinguisher body
We check the body of the fire extinguisher for signs of corrosion, dents, gouges etc. If any of the signs are present, there is a possibility that the extinguisher could burst, releasing all of its stored pressure instantly and severely injuring the user.

We also ensure the fire extinguisher displays necessary information on the label in regards to its operation, ratings, refilling etc. If any of this text is no longer legible the extinguisher will be condemned.

Design and Re-Engineering

Fire Fighter® Engineers design complete fire-fighting solutions all the way from the conceptual engineering planning stage to final test commissioning.

Our decades of expertise also enable us to re-engineer existing plans to suit both industry and government standards while maintaining necessary compliance and adhering to all regulations.

Installation and Servicing

Fire Fighter® is equipped with the necessary expertise and experience to install all required fire protection and safety systems according to required regulations.

We are equipped with 40 years of experience to implement and execute an effective and highly efficient safety system as Fire Fighter® specialists and engineers emphasize functionality and practicality.

We proactively help you carry out periodic and regulated service and maintenance to ensure that your fire protection systems run at peak efficiency as per government regulations and requirements.

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